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Strategies to Win Roulette


You win with roulette, is it just luck? Largely yes, but bet on the long term and with a estragegia is the only way to not rely solely on it. We present three strategies for winning at roulette.

The final idea of any roulette player is making money after spending a good time playing, the fact that there are no winners pros indicates that there is no infallible roulette strategy but however, if there are several strategies that maximize the length of time at the table and the probability of leaving a profit, you must first know the types of roulette there and then how to get the most out of our money.

We started with a change of strategy end we played editors betting strategies of in the casino roulette recommended for Titanbet . A final strategy is based on betting horses (same tab covering two numbers) all numbers finished in double digits that name at the end, thus ending 1-4 horses bet with all the numbers finished in 1 or 4 (1, 4, 11, 14, 21, 24 and 34 full). The strategy discussed we add a few positions to complete the table, the idea is to not lose much when you lose and maximize the number of moves to gain, this article is where we explain the strategy of personalized end with an illustrative example .

End strategy 1-8
The strategy discussed at the beginning of the article, a strategy that minimizes the risk of losing out on the table . Placing chips to leave most of the table in prizes we got lost little sometimes, often earning little and rarely win big. You can read the article on roulette strategy final 1-8 here .

One of the first strategies that everyone hears or even unknowingly implemented is the martingale. Based on applying the probability of hitting odd / even or red / black, something has to happen sooner or later.

Just go bending until it succeeds lost bets, and end benefits are obtained. It is shown that this strategy can be a ruin, but we have improved and we demonstrate its effectiveness after 100 spins at roulette .

The 9 Ball
Another curious strategy is the 9-ball , you do the same number bets for 9 balls and change depending on the results.