For Young Sports Betting & Gambling players


Sports betting, online poker, electronic bingo or roulette through the internet are some of the new forms of gambling that are engaging young people through the net.In this sports betting, online poker, electronic bingo or roulette through internet Are some of the new forms of play that are engaging young people through the net.

In this For most people the game is leisure but for some it is an addiction, a drug. “When you play more than you want and more than you can is when the alarm goes off.” Generations after the 1980s have grown with video games and the Internet, admiring the culture of easy money and with little measure of risk. Now they can play from their computer or their mobile, and this will revolutionize the way people begin to play.

Psychologically, gambling is a challenge to luck, whereby a person casts their hopes of magically changing the Future in their favor, or at least to experience the pleasure of triumph against the risk of failure in spite of the suffering that comes with uncertainty, thus translating a conformity with reality, a desire to escape the monotony of everyday life.

The game itself is A normal and positive activity in the life of any adolescent. It allows the physical, psychological and social development, facilitating that it discovers and learns the social norms of coexistence. The problem of pathological gambling happens normally is gambling with economic remuneration. The game is addictive. The gambler is a sick man. And more and more young people are asking for help. The explosion of the on-line gambling websites has accelerated the moment of the first bet.

Until recently, players started, on average, at age 28. Today, at 18. Some, even at 13 years. Experts warn: “A whole generation is being pushed into obsession.” And everything starts with a click. Bets are the second cause of gambling in Spain.

Despite the boom in online gambling, many young people are still finding incentives to play money in these venues. There are all kinds of sports open, the best customers are treated with special deference – “they invite you to breakfast, to eat, to drink … whatever you want as long as you spend.